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Become an Artist

You want to be featured in our website and sell your artworks ?

We currently accept new artists for onboarding.

Send us an email to artists@homedeco.art with a link to your portfolio, website, or instagram account.
We’ll review your work and come back to you with details on how to onboard with us.

How it works ?

  1. Fill in and sign the form we will send you for informations, legal details, authorizations and legal contract.
  2. We’ll need high resolutions files of your art for large prints
  3. Your artist profile is created and your artworks are uploaded and available on our website
  4. Each time you sell a product, we earn commission
  5. All commission are 50% of the profit
  6. You’ll have a clear document that explain what are the production costs and what to expect on profit
  7. Each month, we’ll send you the total of your commissions by your prefered payment method
Share your art and make money with it ! We’ll be happy to have you on board !
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